Cultivating and Transmitting the Spirit of Budo ~A Re-evaluation of Budo Decorum~

Mr.Isamu Nakamura

Mr.Isamu Nakamura

Mr. Nakamura graduated from the Department of Physical Education at California State University, Bakersfield, in June 1994. Continuing his postgraduate studies at Tsukuba University, he obtained his Masters degree in March 1997. Since November 1997, he is active for the International Section of the All Japan Judo Federation. After consecutive appointments as assistant and assistant professor, he is now senior assistant professor at NIFS. He holds the 5th Dan in Kodokan judo.

Presentations by NIFS teaching staff

“Bowing in international judo - A comparative cultural study-” (PDF 1.3MB)

Academic affiliation

Japanese Academy of Budo


  • ‘Judo no reiho to budo no kokusaika ni kansuru kosatsu’ (A Consideration concerning Judo Decorum and the Internationalization of Budo), Academic Research Proceedings of the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, Nr. 36, December 2007
  • ‘2003 nen sekai senshuken taikai no kyogi bunseki - 1995-2001 nen taikai to no hikaku -‘ (A Contest Analysis of the 2003 World Championships - In Comparison with the Championships from 1995 until 2001 -), Scientific Research of Judo, Nr. 9, March 2004
  • Kanoya taiiku daigaku budo jitsugi kyohon (Practical Budo Manual of the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, NIFS Budokan, March 2004
  • ‘Contest Analysis of World Judo Championships since 1995’, World Judo Research Symposium, September 2003
  • ‘Sekai kyogo senshu no kumite to waza deta - 2001 nen sekai senshuken -‘ (Data on the Fighting Postures and Techniques of Powerful Judo Athletes in the World - the 2001 World Judo Championships -), Scientific Judo Research, Nr. 8, March 2003
  • ‘Judo no shiten - 21 seiki e mukete - (Judo shidosha kenkyukai hen)‘ (The Judo Point of View - heading for the 21st century - (The Judo Instructors Research Group version)), Dowa shoin, October 2000

Judo teaching record

  • NIFS Judo Trainer December 2005 ~ March 2008
  • NIFS Judo Coach March 1999 ~ November 2005
  • The 13th All Japan Female Student Judo Championships, 3 Athlete Team,2nd place
  • Tsukuba University Judo Coach 1994 ~ February 1999

Competitive record

  • NCAA All American Judo Championships - 86 kg division, 1st place (May 1989)
  • NCAA All American Judo Championships - Open division, 1st place (May 1988)

Social activities

  • All Japan Judo Federation, Publicity Committee Member (April 2004 ~ present)
  • All Japan Judo Federation, International Committee Special Member (April 2000 ~ present)
  • All Japan Judo Federation, Strengthening Committee Members Scientific Research Division (April 1996 ~ present)
  • Japanese Olympic Committee Strengthening Staff, Judo, in charge of Strategy and Tactics (April 1997 ~ present)
  • International Judo Federation, Education/Coaching Committee Staff (Sept. 1997 ~ Oct. 2003)