Cultivating and Transmitting the Spirit of Budo ~A Re-evaluation of Budo Decorum~

Guest Speakers

Judo & Kendo Workshop

Yasuyuki Muneta

Judo Workshop 1 Judo Workshop 2
Judo Workshop 3 Judo Workshop 4

Masahiro Miyazaki

Kendo Workshop 1 Kendo Workshop 2
Kendo Workshop 3 Kendo Workshop 4

Keynote Address

Professor Yasuhiro Yamashita

Professor Yasuhiro Yamashita, Tokai University
Chairman Judo Renaissance Committee, All Japan Judo Federation
“Budo, the Role that Judo should play in the Era of Internationalization” (PDF 1.3MB)


Mr. Seijun Ninomiya, Sports Journalist

Individual presentation panelists

Mr. Naoki Murata

Mr. Naoki Murata
“Transitions within Kodokan Judo Etiquette” (PDF 1.7MB)

Dr. Yves Cadot

Dr. Yves Cadot
“French judo players and their awareness of etiquette-as seen from Kano Jigoro’s studies” (PDF 5MB)
“Le salut chez les judoka français du point de vue des études sur Kano Jigoro” (PDF 5MB)

Dr. Mike Callan

Dr. Mike Callan
“The Internationalization of Judo and the Attention for Etiquette- Focusing on the UK.” (PDF 5.2MB)

Dr. Alexander Bennett

Dr. Alexander Bennett
“A Study of the Attitudes of New Zealand Martial Artists in Regards to the Concept of ‘Rei’ :An Analysis of Kendo Practitioners” (PDF 1.5MB)

Prof. David Matsumoto

Prof. David Matsumoto
“Respect and International Affairs : Mutual Welfare and Benefit and the Bow as Foreign Policy” (1.5MB)

Presentations by NIFS teaching staff

Hatsuyuki Hamada, Associate Professor NIFS
“Characteristics of French Judo” (PDF 2MB)
Judo Koshiki no Kata Wearing Armor (Kogusoku)

Isamu Nakamura, Senior Assistant Professor NIFS
“Bowing in international judo - A comparative cultural study-” (PDF 1.3MB)

Shigeki Maesaka, Associate Professor NIFS
“The Philosophy and Curriculum behind Budo Education at NIFS and FD Activities as implemented by our Budo Teaching Staff” (PDF 1.7MB)

Kentaro Takenaka, Senior Assistant Professor NIFS
“Etiquette at Kendo World Championships -Etiquette of Foreign Players and Etiquette that is expected from Japanese Players-” (PDF 1.4MB)
Kendo kata

Mika Shimokawa, Assistant Professor NIFS
Kendo kata