Cultivating and Transmitting the Spirit of Budo ~A Re-evaluation of Budo Decorum~

Mr.Kentaro Takenaka

Mr.Kentaro Takenaka

Mr. Takenaka graduated from Tsukuba University in March 1995. After having been employed as part-time teacher at Yazu prefectural senior high school in Tottori prefecture from April 1995, he was appointed there as full-time teacher in April 1996. In April 2008, Mr. Takenaka was appointed to the position of senior assistant professor at the NIFS in Kanoya. He holds the rank of Renshi 6th Dan in kendo.

Presentations by NIFS teaching staff

“Etiquette at Kendo World Championships -Etiquette of Foreign Players and Etiquette that is expected from Japanese Players-” (PDF 1.4MB)

Academic affiliation

Japanese Academy of Budo


  • ‘Attacking Power <special> ’, Monthly Magazine Kendo Jidai, March 2008
  • ‘The Effect of Bokuto Training in Kendo <special> ’, Monthly Magazine Kendo Jidai, August 2007
  • ‘The Technique of Striking at Winning Distance <special> ’, Monthly Magazine Kendo Jidai, April 2007
  • ‘The Technique of Striking in One Motion <special> ’, Monthly Magazine Kendo Jidai, February 2006
  • ‘The Effect of the Thigh Joints in Kendo <special> ’, Monthly Magazine Kendo Jidai, August 2005

Kendo teaching record

  • Kendo coach, Yazu senior high school, Tottori prefecture April 1995~March 2008
  • All Japan Senior High School Selection Kendo Tournament Participation 6 times
  • All Japan Senior High School Sports Tournament Team participation 4 times
  • Chugoku Regional Senior High School Kendo Freshmen Tournament Team 3rd Place, Individual 1st Place
  • Chugoku Regional Senior High School Kendo Championships Team 3rd Place twice
Courses, etc.
  • Lecturer, Chu-Shikoku Students Kendo Federation Leader Seminar March 1999
  • Lecturer, Shimane Amateur Sports Association Special Instructors Training Project for Sports Teams July 2000
  • Lecturer, Hiroshima Kendo Federation Junior Training Course December 2007

Competitive record

  • All Japan Teaching Staff Kendo Tournament
    Individual: 1st place (1995), 3rd place (2005, 2007)
    Team: 1st place (2002), 3rd place (2001, 2005)
  • National Sports Festival, Kendo, Adult Male Division Participated (1995~2000, 2002~2005, 2007)
  • All Japan Inter-Prefectural Kendo Tournament Participated (1996~1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007)
  • All Japan Kendo Championships
    Participated (1998~2001, 2004~2006), best 8 (2005)
    Excellent Athlete Award (2005, 2006)
  • World Kendo Championships Individual 2nd place (2000)
  • All Japan East versus West Kendo Tournament Participated (2003), Excellent Athlete Award (2003)
  • All Japan Kendo Federation Strengthening Training Course (1995~2006)


  • The Tottori Amateur Sports Association Special Award, 2000
  • The Governor of Tottori Prefecture Honorary Recognition for Sports, 2000
  • The Minister of Education and Sciences Commendation for Excellent Athletes at an International Tournament, 2000
  • The Tottori Amateur Sports Association Sports Encouragement Award, 2003 and 2006